About GradeEm!

GradeEm is the leading service providing parents the opportunity to search, grade and comment on their child’s teachers.  Parents create a Teacher Report Card for teachers in the GradeEm database.  Recognition for excellence is given to teachers with the best overall grades by listing those teachers on honor rolls.  Because the primary aim is to promote positive teaching outcomes, GradeEm utilizes a proprietary dispute resolution process to assist in resolving parental concerns which could otherwise lead to lower grades.  Teachers have an opportunity to personalize their publicly displayed information and maintain an online professional resume inclusive of feedback from current and former students’ parents.

Parent Questions

How are report cards and comments handled once I select submit?

  • A and B report cards will go live on our site within 48 hours.  C, D or F report cards will go into our unique dispute resolution process and be held for a minimum of 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks, you will have an option to alter your report card or submit as is. 

What should I base my grade on?

  • Limit comments to the teacher’s professional abilities.  Commenting on a teacher’s professional abilities in the areas of communication, content knowledge, classroom demeanor/concern for students, homework appropriateness, availability, classroom discipline/fairness, and overall professionalism are the most helpful. 
  • GradeEm is not meant to bash teachers or comment on the personal life of a teacher.  However, at times criticism can be useful, so please keep comments respectful, constructive and related entirely to the teaching profession. 

I submitted a report card and it still isn’t on the site. Why?

  • Report cards awarding a teacher a grade of “C”, “D” or “F”, will not be posted to the site until they have been held for no less than 2 weeks in an attempt to contact the teacher for response.  If a teacher responds, the reviewer will have an option to change or update the grade given.  If a teacher fails to respond, the grade will go live to our site and be included in the overall average grade for the teacher.  The aim of this process is to resolve conflict and concerns prior to posting and allow an opportunity for resolution.
  • Any comments that violate our Terms of Use or otherwise contain vulgar or derogatory language or threats of any kind will be removed. 
  • Any comments containing information that personally identifies your child or another child or personal or family life will be removed.
  • Any comments containing libel, false claims or threats, vulgar or obscene, explicit, harmful, harassing, intimidating, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory or abusive comments will be removed. 
  • GradeEm reserves the right to remove any comments/grades which they feel are inappropriate for any reason.

Teacher Questions

What if I opt out?

  • If you choose to opt out of receiving our emails, you are also opting out of our unique dispute resolution process.  You will still be listed on our site but will not receive notifications regarding grades received. 

What do I gain by claiming my profile and allowing emails?

  • By claiming your profile, you have an opportunity to customize some of the information seen on your page.  You will also receive notifications regarding negative grades and have 2 weeks to respond to the anonymous report card grade and comments.  You can also elect to receive emails for all submitted report cards. 
  • You have an option to create an electronic professional resume.

I’m upset about something that was posted, who do I contact?

  • GradeEm is not responsible for the facts or validity of grades submitted or posted and is protected by the Communications Decency Act which states: “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”  47 U.S.C. § 230. 
  • GradeEm will not respond to general threats.
  • GradeEm’s primary aim is to recognize excellent teachers.  While we understand not all parents will be happy with a teacher, our dispute resolution process is designed to give teachers a heads up on negative grades and hopefully be able to resolve prior to a post occurring.

Why am I not on the website?

  • GradeEm couldn’t locate your information in the publicly available sources.
  • GradeEm hasn’t found you yet.
  • GradeEm has not added your school’s information yet.

What if my employer prohibits my participation?

  • We recommend you discuss participation with the administration or legal department to share the benefits you see regarding participation on GradeEm.  Also discuss any potential drawbacks you see to not being allowed to participate in the processes provided by GradeEm.

How did you obtain my information?

  • GradeEm searched for and located publicly available information.

Dispute Resolution Process

  1. Parent submits a report card with a C, D or F grade.
  2. Parent will receive a notice that their review will be held for at least 2 weeks and GradeEm recommends the parent speak directly to the teacher and/or administration to resolve the conflict/concerns directly.
  3. GradeEm receives report card. 
  4. GradeEm reviews the report card for inappropriate content.  If content is appropriate and the teacher has not opted out, GradeEm will attempt to send the anonymous grade/comments to the teacher by email.  If the teacher has opted out, the grade/comments will still be held for 2 weeks.
  5. If GradeEm is able to contact that teacher by email, the teacher will have 2 weeks to respond to the grade/comments. 
  6. After 2 weeks, GradeEm will contact the parent and ask if they would like to alter their grade/comments.
  7. The original report card or new report card will be posted.